Helping forests prepare for a changing climate

We provide policy makers and land managers with the latest scientific information and management guidance to sustain temperate forests during this time of unprecedented forest degradation and climate chaos.

tongass roadlessOur work in Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest exemplifies our approach within the Forest Legacies program.

We support the preservation of old growth rainforests while also protecting the livelihoods of local residents by transitioning wood products jobs to young forest plantations on a much smaller logging footprint. Some of our recent accomplishments:

  • Estimated the economic value of unlogged old-growth rainforests at $234 million to $2.2 billion in future forest carbon markets, if roadless areas remain off limits to logging.
  • Raised the profile of the region by conducting extensive media tours with global, national, and regional press regarding the climate and biodiversity benefits of protecting old-growth rainforests and roadless areas.
  • Completed the most extensive field and computer-based inventories of young-growth forests showing sufficient supply is available to begin transitioning the industry out of old-growth logging and onto a much smaller logging base.
  • Launched a study with diverse partners to determine the economic feasibility of processing young growth trees (funding is pending to complete the project).


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