The owl’s stunning reprieve

Citizens stand up to Bush in defense of ancient forests
By Paul Koberstein
Cascadia Times

History is certain to judge the Bush years as a disaster for the nation’s — and the planet’s — environment. But as his second term winds down, it’s worth noting that ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest are still standing, despite the administration’s vigorous efforts to help timber companies cut them down, and thanks to countless citizens who stood in the way.  Read more…

As spotted owl’s numbers keep falling, some fear it’s doomed

By Warren Cornwall
The Seattle Times

Buffeted by years of logging and the invasion of a tougher owl, populations of the northern spotted owl are falling year after year, despite sweeping protections for the old-growth forests it inhabits. Now, genetic problems are adding to the reasons for worry. A just-released study found the remaining birds are so genetically similar, they are at risk of entering an “extinction vortex.”  Read more…


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